Willie Wortel’s Sativa Haarlem

About us

The Willie Wortel’s coffeeshops are very well known in Haarlem. Since 2000 coffeeshop Willie Wortel’s Sativa can be found at the Kruisweg, a stone’s throw from Haarlem’s main train station. Over the years we’ve welcomed many locals and lots of tourists. People take some to go or come in for a smoke, a drink and a chat.

Even though we encourage our customers to socialize, we do offer free wifi and there are lots of sockets to charge your phone or computer. If you’re feeling lazy, just crash in front of the tv’s and watch a soccer match or a formula 1 race. We have all the paid sports channels. Do come in and enjoy yourself!

Hot Deals

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Get in contact or visit our shop on the Kruisweg 46 in Haarlem.